'Unlighted' is just a random blog on what I like, which is mainly Japan; the unblinking one without city lights, full of afternoon shadows. Mainly for my own visual comfort, but welcome if you happen to stumble upon it.
 好きな映画 惚れてる人 ウイッシュリスト 投稿されるのは何か

Ryuuhei: “So that leaves us with the cherries that remind me of… Sakurai-kun”

Nino: "Well, but can we hear the reason?"

Ryuuhei: "…Somehow."

Sho: "Maybe because it’s related to Sakura (cherry tree)?”

Ryuuhei: "Ah!"


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    actually I think Ryuuhei was thinking of twin bro’s lips.. nee? *evil grin*
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